The Brethren Encyclopedia Board

The Board of Directors of Brethren Encyclopedia. Inc. consists of one representative of each of the seven main Brethren bodies: Old German Baptist Brethren, Old German Baptist Brethren New Conference, Dunkard Brethren Church, Brethren Church, Church of the Brethren, Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, and Conservative Grace Brethren Churches International.

Since the incorporation of Brethren Encyclopedia in 1977, the Board of Directors has met semiannually and at other specially called meetings. With the understanding that no action would be taken unless there was unanimous consent, the sense of fellowship and trust on the part of Board members is truly outstanding. Thus, it has been possible for Brethren Encyclopedia to accomplish much over the past three decades.

Board of Directors: 

Robert S. Lehigh, President, Dunkard Brethren Church
Dale R. Stoffer, Vice-President, The Brethren Church
Terry D. White, Secretary-Treasurer, Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches
Jeffrey Bach, Monographs Editor, Church of the Brethren
Michael Miller, Board Member, Old German Baptist Brethren New Conference
Gary Kochheiser, Board Member, Conservative Grace Brethren Churches International
David E. Miller, Board Member, Old German Baptist Brethren Church

Associates of the Board: 

Dale V. Ulrich, Founding Board Member, past secretary
Ronald G. Lutz, Past Assistant Treasurer
James Gibbel, Assistant Treasurer
James Miller, Associate for Marketing
J. Kenneth Kreider, Chair, Department of History, Emeritus Elizabethtown College
Robert Alley, Chair, Fifth Brethren World Assembly (July, 2013)

Front row left to right: James C. Gibbel; Dale V. Ulrich; Robert S. Lehigh; David E. Miller; Gary M. Kochheiser
Back row left to right: Terry D. White; Michael Miller; Dale R. Stoffer; Jeffrey Bach